Instant and 2-way sync your Shopify store with Airtable in seconds

Revolutionize operations, improve analysis and create new custom tools you've always dreamed of.

Sync Pilot is an absolute game-changer! As someone who has been on the lookout for a solution to seamlessly manage our item master in Airtable while ensuring effortless synchronization with Shopify, Sync Pilot has been a dream come true.
We’re now saving tons of time!



As soon as I make a change on Airtable my Shopify store updates immediately.



Works like a charm, and the team is amazing for the support during the installation.
SyncPilot is super easy to use and set up. As a store owner, the app is priceless.



2 amazing things with this app. First, sync is instant! No data drop, wait for a sync, multiple import / export or else. Any change sync instantly. Second, it's getting better everyday



How does it work?

Easy and fast. Even for your grand-mother.


Install the app


Add your Airtable credentials


Generate a sync base

You are in good hands

Super easy

No code or advanced skill required. You just have to use our app, follow the flow and grab a well deserved cocktail.

Super fast

We sync your data instantly. You won't have to wait long hours and many import/export ninja maneuvers.

Super support

You can reach us through our chat. We will always do our best to help you: from the app set-up to your day-to-day run.

Join 100+ store owners

10-day free trial • Constant new features • 5/5 rating

Why is Airtable the best tool to use?

Airtable excels for e-merchants due to its versatile database capabilities, allowing for seamless organization of products, orders, and customer data. Its intuitive interface simplifies inventory management, sales tracking, and collaboration, enhancing efficiency for Shopify store owners.

Data connected

Instant and two-way data we can connect between your store and Airtable.


Products informations, variants, pricing, meta-fields...


Inventory available for each products and variant in your locations.


Orders informations, items, customer informations...


Name, address, items purchased...

Any question?

We've got the answer.

Can I try SyncPilot for free?

Coming soon

How do I sync my data?

Coming soon

How fast is the synchronization?

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How can I create custom tools?

Coming soon

Is there a data sync limit (products, orders...)?

Coming soon

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us, we reply super fast.

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