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Coming soon (Development)

💰 Orders sync

Sync all your orders informations.

Coming soon (QA)

📊 Inventory tracking

Sync your stocks and inventory available for any location.

2024 - April - 5

😌 Better set-up workflow

We radically improve our set-up flow to help any new user (or existing who want to do a new set-up) to install SyncPilot.

2024 - March - 18

🇪🇸 Spanish language available

¡Tapas para todos! SyncPilot está ahora totalmente traducido al español.

2024 - February - 6

🚀 Variants

We added a new tab to your base to sync all variants related informations: description, options & co.

2024 - January - 18

🇫🇷 French language available

Impossible n'est pas français ! SyncPilot est désormais traduit dans la plus belle des langues.

2023 - December - 22

📌 Products metafields

All your products metafields are now sync. Either you create them with Shopify (custom data) or with an external app (Accentate, Google Shopping...)

2023 - November - 6

🏎️ One click base generation

You can now generate an Airtable sync base with your store, with only one click.  

2023 - October - 26

✅ SyncPilot on the app store!

After months of development and discussions with the Shopify team, our app pass the quality check and is available on the Shopify App Store!

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